This site was developed for people who loves technology.

Technology is present in everyone’s lives and represents great influence on the day-to-day. Our goal is bring information to people of all ages and interests from business and even for personal development. Technology is present in our lives so we will enjoy the benefits that it can offer us.

Presentation of Company

LYM technology presentation in SãPaulo – November, 2014

Our first video presentation.






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For young people, our goal is to bring information that will help in their professional development. For professionals already working in the market, our goal is to bring information to add your career, new contacts and ideas for a future project. For those who like technology, we simply provide information to awaken interest in doing something you enjoy as a form of leisure and personal satisfaction.

Finally, do not forget to chase their dreams … !!!

“Never let anyone tell you you can not do something. Not even me. If you have a dream, you have to protect it. People who can not do for themselves, they will say you can not. If you want something, go and fight for it … ” – The pursuit of happiness (2006).

Information, articles and news.

The main topics presented on the site are:

Infrastructure – covers servers, networks and data storage. Physical and logical configuration. Operational Systems. Virtualization and Cloud Computing …
Development – Programming languages ..for various platforms and environments. Project management and development processes …
Computer Graphics – Photography, image and sound. Techniques and special effects. 3D animation …
Automation – Electronic devices. home automation.
Education – Distance learning. Technology for recreation and children’s education. Languages …..
Humor – We will not be narrow-minded or stressed. A little fun never hurt anyone ….

Have a good time!! We hope you Enjoy it!



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